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De aluminio,
Alambre a presión, doblado,
calidad de la construcción de la deportes alpinos,
Valor de la fracción 24 kN 8 kN, 8 kN,
Apertura 15 mm,
(24 kN, un poco más de 2400 kg),
Color de azul, plata

Hot-forged body
Carabiners are advantageous to use as they allow the user to attach and detach the equipment in less than 5 seconds.
This is especially helpful for those on the go or if the Suspension System is used in a small space that needs to be used for other purposes regularly.
If each of the 2 adjustment straps are attached to carabiners, then the carabiners can easily connect to or disconnect from the eye bolts

You can also use these snap links to replace the S-hooks of the yoga sling set for special applications.
I do this for example in summertime when I'm dealing with children and want to be sure that the hook will always be perfect in it's place'.
For normal use, the serially supplied S-hooks are perfectly adequate.

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