Mandaran Poppy Red (Royal Satin)

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Fabric: 100% micro fiber PE (Royal Satin)

Mandaran Movement and Suspension System consists of:

  • 1 Cloth, width: 150 cm,
    one edge is provided with a padding.
  • 2 Sets with 3 rubber padded handles.
  • 2 Loops for foot or arm support, which can be attached to .
  • a handle or with a carabiner (optional).
  • 2 Adjustment straps to hang the sets at different levels.
  • 1 Carrying bag (100% cotton).
  • 1 Instruction manual (English or Czech).
  • Made in Germany
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With carabiners, the loops are more versatile and quickly adjusted in height.
The carabiners can be hooked into the adjustment straps or into the rope openings of the handle set.
Carabiners and sling in climbing sports quality
(loads upto 22 kN).
Without carabiners you will knot the loops onto the grips or mount them with S-hooks.
See also: » Loops in the set
or the use of » carabiners

Lifting rope in the edge

A » Lifting rope in the edge extends the capabilities of Mandaran Bewegungstuch:

On level 0 it runs relaxed through the edge.
On level 1 it lifts the edge at the head.
On level 2 it makes the Mandaran a hanging chair.

Full description at » Components & FAQ.

Select color and length!

See further informations:
» 115 cm lang: Rot
» 135 cm lang: Lemon

Carabiners in addition

style: with wire,
to buy carabiners at a favorable option price here.
See » Description of this type

for extra safety,
e.g. for artistic use as a substitute for the S-hooks.,
to buy carabiners at a favorable option price here.
See » Description of this type

See also: FAQ The using of » Carabiners with the movment system "Bewegungstuch".

Loop for headsupport

with carbiner and adjustment rope,
recommended for therapeutic use.

information: » description

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