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Can I use this equipment if I’ve never done yoga or been to a gym before?

Yes! There is a huge variety of beginning movements on the OmGym Suspension System that are very easy to do and take no experience at all. You should respect your limits and the signals of the body.

Can children use the OmGym Suspension System?

Yes they can use it and love it! The OmGym Suspension System greatly enhances healthy development of balance, coordination, sensory integration and neurological function. It’s also good for spinal decompression and alignment at the most critical times of a child's development.

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Can I leave my OmGym Suspension System outside?

While we recommend using the OmGym Suspension System outdoors, it should be stored indoors and out of the sun. This will minimize the exposure to UV light, moisture, dirt and greatly extend its life. Additionally, this will comply with the OmGym Product Warranty Policy.

Can the OmGym Suspension System be used during pregnancy? verwendet werden?

It is extremely important to keep the spine and hips healthy during this special time. The OmGym Suspension System can help provide many safe and effective pelvic stretches that are especially helpful for this during pregnancy. While comfortable inversion is often highly recommended by professionals during pregnancy, every pregnancy is different and we cannot provide any medical advice. Consult with your doctor/healthcare professional for expert advice on your pregnancy.

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Are there contraindications to using the OmGym Suspension System?

If you have been diagnosed with or are experiencing the symptoms of any of the following conditions, do not invert without your doctor's approval:

  • Recent surgery or trauma to any internal organs
  • Broken or fractured bones in the hip/torso area
  • Ear, eye, sinus or infections in the head
  • Recent head/brain injury or trauma
  • Heart and/or circulatory disorders
  • Severe spinal cord trauma Cancer (some types)
  • Fused vertebrae
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Hernia
Additionally, different exercises and/or yoga postures may require different levels of strength, range of motion, etc. Consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. The user assumes all risk and liability.

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre Mandaran y OmGym?

No hay mucha diferencia. Ambos tienen un borde acolchado en un lado y asas en tres niveles.
Diferentes son:

  • Los colores y los materiales de tela: Mandaran es 150 cm de ancho, OmGym 130 cm.
    La tela de Mandaran tiene un comportamiento similar como OmGym flotante, pero es más fuerte (160g/qm).
  • Mandaran tiene un material de cuerda para los cinturones, los de OmGym están hechas de tela. Los cinturones de OmGym se ven un poco más agradable que el material de la cuerda de Mandaran, donde la atención se centra en la estabilidad y la capacidad de carga. (Mandaran de hasta 350 kg, OmGym según fabricante carga de hasta 136 kg.)
  • Las anchas correas de tela de Mandaran son suaves para los talones o las muñecas.
  • La bolsa de Mandaran está hecha de algodón, de OmGym de poliéster/nylon.
  • Las correas de ajuste de OmGym son 11 mm de ancho (hasta 136 kg), los de Mandaran son 19 mm de ancho y tener una resistencia definida de 22 kN (corresponde a 2200 kg)
  • Mandaran se hace en el sur de Alemania, OmGym en China.
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» OmGym: Componentes y materiales

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How can I use Carabiners ?

For the "normal use" S-hooks are ideal.
But if you want to expand your movement with acrobatic elements,
then it might be safer to replace the S-hook by carabiners.
The S-hooks have proved and I take them basically for myself, because I can change the hight a little faster than with carbiners.
But it needs some attention when mounting, so that they are seated properly in the loops.
If children move with the sets, I take carabiners, because then I know that they are all time placed secure.

Additional carabiners are the perfect solution for attaching and detaching to and from your anchor solution with speed. (pic. 1)
If you use the Mandaran the fabric loops can be mounted at different heights into the ropes. (pic. 2)
The long handles can be deposited above. (pic. 4-5)
The carabiners here have a longitudinal fracture load of 26kN, which corresponds to 2600 kg weight.
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